Saturday, January 16, 2010

Punisher War Zone

  1. Punisher War Zone The best of the 3 unrelated Marvel comic vigilante films ...Ray Stevenson portrays Frank Castle much better then 1989s Dolph Lundgren or 2004s Thomas Jane on looks alone...This ultra violent R rated Punisher could of been John Woos wet dream ....Director Lexi Alexender channels the famous Hong Kong Director in all the gun fights...Thanks to the c.g.i. effects Alexender makes heads turn into pulp by shotguns blasts....Bad guys get blown up in mid air by rocket launchers...Real fun stuff...The introduction of the villain Jigsaw played by Dominic West can't compare to the evil Jigsaw in the saw franchies...Doug Hutchison performs well as Loony Bin Jim he's fucking crazy...Newmans (Wayne Knight) Cameo as Microchip, Punisher's weapons supplier was a nice touch...

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