Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Songs that changed my life 8...The Beastie Boys...No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Casino Royale 1967

I watched the original Casino Royale yesterday for the first time... Released in 1967 this Bond Spoof is certainly dated...I wish I had dropped some acid to watch this psychedelic romp...Tons of hot birds in mini skirts with automatic weapons...Watching Casino Royale showed me how unoriginal Austin Powers really was...Instead of the John Barry's Bond score you get Burt Bacharach and Herb Albert...Which is cool but didn't Bacharach play The Look of Love in one of those Austin Powers...I was surprised that the Daniel Craig's Royale used characters from the original like Vespa,and Le Chiffre, but these characters were probably in Flemming's book which I've never read...In the contemporary Royale Baccarat is replaced by Texas hold'em because who the hell plays baccarat except maybe Burt Bacharach

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mr.Skin Went to Art School 2...Asia Argento

Dario Argento the king of giallos daughter....Asia's never been afraid to bare it all...In film or at a photo shoot...Those Europeans are so progressive

Art Heros 1...Balthus

I guess it's easy to see why I love Balthus so much

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Broken Embraces

Spoiler Alert
Broken Embraces is like Godard's Contempt Only backwards....In Contempt Bridget Bardot is in love with an artist who more or less throws her to the wolf and she ends up in a car crash with a sleazy producer...In Broken Embraces Penelope Cruz is with a a sleazy businessman turned producer ...Then falls in love with the artist..Only to be killed in a car crash which the sleazy producer causes...Maybe that's a stretch...Pedro Almodovar makes this film with in a film thriller as beautiful as all his films.... Penelope Cruz returns as his muse and proves (to this once skeptic) that she is one sexy international movie star...Almodovar is a film makers film maker and of course you can see influences from Hitchcock,Fellini,And of course Godard...This is smart and Sexy film right from the first scene...If you like that kind of stuff...


Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Hangover

Todd Phillips delivers another laugh fest with The Hangover...It's a little ironic that I watched this film with a raging hangover...My wife was in L.A. for business on Thursday night so I went out big....Woke up on our downstairs couch fully clothed shoes still on...Luckily I still had all my teeth...Being a Self-indulgent party animal I totally could relate to or 3 main characters in Hangover...Waking up face down dehydrated as the Mojave that surrounds sin city...This tale of a bachelor party gone amok, some would say is a little far fetched...Well in my experience these things can happen...The morning after my bachelor party I woke up in a trunk of a car not much memory of the night before....At one of my best friends bachelor party's I got stuck with A 800 dollar limo bill that no one else chipped in for...Or just plain waking up with chipped teeth or new scars...Shit happens...The Hangover has lots of great Cameos by lots of ex Daily Show cast members,and Mike Tyson (who I went to Summer school with)...Heather Graham bares a breast you got to love Heather Graham.... All in all a funny flick

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Bronson tells the the story of the "most violent prisoner in Britain" Michael Peterson....Imprisoned in 1974 for robbery Peterson quickly made a name for himself as a tad unruly... After a tour of Her Majesty's prison systems Peterson is declared criminally insane and put in the loony bin...14 years after imprisonment Michael is released...It's during this time he gives himself his fighting name Charlie Bronson Mr.Majestic...He's free 69 full days before he's back in prison...Bronson is played superbly by Tom Hardy who I last saw as Handsome Bob in Guy Ritchie's RockanRolla...Danish director Nicolas Winding Refen makes a movie Mr. Ritchie has been trying to make since Snatch... All working class crime with a brilliant soundtrack...Bronson is like a real life Alex from Burgees A Clockwork Orange fame, ultra violent, no hope for rehabilitation... Refen channels Lynch's Blue Velvet when Bronson meets up with his Uncle Jack...Uncle Jack dressed like Dean Stockwell's Ben surround by transvestites and cheap whores ...Candy coated clowns they call the sandman....Not to much female nudity in this male prison drama...Hardy's not afraid of full frontal male nudity in fight scenes...So if you liked Cronenberg's Eastern Promises this will get your panties wet... Great film


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Handmade paper Sketchbook

These drawings are done in a sketchbook..The paper is a homemade rag paper it's very fragile...The media is India ink applied with a brush...Some of the images have been posted before on this blog...I did just get a better camera so I retook some photos and reposted them...