Friday, February 26, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Black Book

The most expensive film production in Dutch history so far is Paul Verhoeven's World War II epic Black Book... The beautiful Carice Van Houten stars as our heroin Rachel Stien a Jewish war time survivor who became part of the Dutch resistance...Through out her story Rachel uses her sexuality to survive ..When she Joins the resistance as Ellis de Vries She seduces an S.S officer and falls in love with him and he her....I don't want to spoil the story so lets just say this is a Verhoeven film through and through...Sexy and action packed...The relationship between Ellis and Hauptsturmfuher Ludwig Muntiz (played by Sebastian Koch) reminds me of Maximilian and Lucia from Cavsni's The Night Porter but less sadomasochistic...Though this film is a bit comic bookish and Carice plays in another W.W.II epic Valkyrie..I was entertained the entire 2 1/2 hours ... Its always good to hear the Dutch swear... It reminds me of my ol' Dutch boss Arie de Vries ...

Black Book Trailer

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

The Haunted world of El Superbeasto is based on Rob Zombies Comic book of the same name...Sexy Suzi-x voiced By Sheri Moon Zombie...Rosario Dawson As the foul mouthed Velvet Von Black...The Drawings are in the vein of one of my favorite artists Coop ....I've been waiting for a cartoon this nasty ..I thought that Rob Zombie could pull this off ...Sex violence a R rating...I was in college when I saw Heavy Metal man was I disappointed ...The tits and ass and full frontal drawings are so much better then Heavy Metals dated animation...Sexy School House Rock and Scoppy Doo references land flat...The funniest line in the movie is in a song in witch they tell us it's alright to masturbate to cartoons the Japanese do it everyday...Paul Giamatti voice is wasted...Still I would have jerked off to this cartoon


Saturday, February 20, 2010


Surrogates starring Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchells, Ving Rhames, And James Cromwell
Is no Blade Runner ...James Cromwell played the same part in I Robot...Which Is no Blade Runner...Skip it

Monday, February 15, 2010

Great Nude Scenes In Film History 2

Paz De La Huerta in The Limits of Control

Her chacters name is The Nude........."Do you like my ass" ..."Yes"

The Limits of Control

I saw Stranger Then Paradise when I was a teen...I had never saw a Goddard film... Hadn't gone to art school yet ...and thought new wave was only a music genre....I loved it...I liked the hats...I followed Jim Jarmusch's Carrier since...

The Limits of Control.... Jarmusch at his best.. An homage to modern art ...Set in Spain home of great modern architecture...Birth place of Picasso and Dali etc....Jarmusch As usual tipping his hat to Goddard,Kubrick,Wienders,Leone,etc...As well as himself...The pigeon's in flight scenes reminded me of Ghost Dog....The Limits of Control is a mythical tale on every level...My painting professor and avid film critic Henry Raleigh taught me about the Myth of the painter... I feel that this film hails this myth in every scene ... Composition, color, reference upon reference every frame of the film a painting in motion... The Lone man played by Isaach De Bankole' like Leone's Man with no name is our hero.... He's on an unkown quest ...I could type about this film forever ...See it

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Public Enemies

Pretty Boy Floyd

Melvin Purvis

John Dillinger

Johnny Depp plays John Dillinger in Michael Mann's stylish and quietly spoken Public Enemies ... The gun fights are loud as Heat but the dialogue is church mouseish...Michael Mann was my man Circa 1986... The Pastel muscle shirts and Pierre Cardine sports coats bought at Macy's 50% off...Yes I went there...No denying Michael's great eye both in color and composition...Just like those Miami Vice days Mann pulls no punches with the soundtrack of nicely produced Blues featuring a couple by Billie Holiday....I'm not a historian but are we being a little duped here ...This seems extremely romanticized and looks romantic doing it...As you can see by the real Melvin Purvis picture above it does not look like Christan Bale....Even so Billy Crudup as Hoover blew me away...Good to see Lili Taylor and Rory Cochrane (Slatterson) getting payed ...Remember when Mann Produced the T.V. series Crime Story's... He Should reinvent the Untouchables for H.B.O.