Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blade Runner Final Cut

Blade Runner the Final Cut was released in 2007 but the original premiered in 1982...Well what can I say about the only version of Blade Runner that Ridley Scott had full artistic control....Except Thanks...This film ranks high in my all time favorites...Being around 13 when it first came out it left an impression...As I sit here eating my lunch with chopsticks...I think of Deckard at the noodle stand...Why do I scratch the ends of my chopstick because, Deckard did and he was really cool to me...Not as many voice overs in this one...The voice overs in the original where labored or forced...No dream sequence of unicorns...Now that I'm older how does this film stand up...Very well...Great score by Vangelies...Great casting M. Emmet Walsh,Edward James Olmos, Brion James, Joanna Cassidy, James Hong, William Sandeson,all legendary character actors...Young Daryl Hannah's barbie doll pleasure model ...Rutger Hauer as Roy his tears in the rain speech still gives me a lump in my throat.... Set in 2019 we're only 9 years away...Philip K. Dicks world is pretty spot on...It's comforting to know that Johnny Walker Black will come in fancy new bottles...To bad about Atari and Pan Am but other product placements will live to see 2019...I got to meet Ridley Scott when he was filming American Gangster...He used my neighbor Johns building as a set...I was a little star struck because of this film...The Bradbury building nice touch ...

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  1. We have this film on DVD and saw it at the Ziegfeld- quite awesome.

    What I love about this movie is the beauty to be found everywhere in the dankness, darkness, pollution, and urban infinity. Vangelis music twinkles like the lights and echos like the distance. Top 10.