Friday, February 5, 2010

Public Enemies

Pretty Boy Floyd

Melvin Purvis

John Dillinger

Johnny Depp plays John Dillinger in Michael Mann's stylish and quietly spoken Public Enemies ... The gun fights are loud as Heat but the dialogue is church mouseish...Michael Mann was my man Circa 1986... The Pastel muscle shirts and Pierre Cardine sports coats bought at Macy's 50% off...Yes I went there...No denying Michael's great eye both in color and composition...Just like those Miami Vice days Mann pulls no punches with the soundtrack of nicely produced Blues featuring a couple by Billie Holiday....I'm not a historian but are we being a little duped here ...This seems extremely romanticized and looks romantic doing it...As you can see by the real Melvin Purvis picture above it does not look like Christan Bale....Even so Billy Crudup as Hoover blew me away...Good to see Lili Taylor and Rory Cochrane (Slatterson) getting payed ...Remember when Mann Produced the T.V. series Crime Story's... He Should reinvent the Untouchables for H.B.O.

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