Saturday, May 15, 2010


Spoiler Alert:
Poor Defendor (Woody Harrelson) He thinks he's Defendor the vigilante superhero in the vane of The Punisher...Except Defendor is really the delusional Arthur Poppington a man with no super powers or special training... What he does have is a dope Mack truck named Defendog,a hive of pissed of wasps, and a heart of gold...The child like Arthur lives in his comic book world because of his mothers abandonment ...Defendor takes the young hooker Kat(Kat Dennings) under his protection and she does nothen but get him in over his head...This is a tear jerkier.... Director Peter Stebbings beat Kick Ass to the punch by presenting the non super superhero to celluloid first...I haven't seen Kick Ass yet but... I'm betting that it's better...


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