Sunday, May 2, 2010

Synecdoche, New York

Take a 3rd Fosse's All That Jazz...A 3rd Fellini's 81/2...And a 3rd Death of a Salesmen...Mix in with a Charlie Kaufman script and you have Synecdoche, New York...I had to look up synecdoche and I still don't know what it means...I get its a figure of speech like calling a car wheels...Who the hell knew..Charlie Kaufman that's who... His hallucinogenic play with in a play with in a film is overwhelming and at times confusing to say the least...Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Caden Cotard a theater director who's life unfolds on a great stage...That stage is actually a giant warehouse where Cotard is producing his spectacle biographical theater piece...This film will take at least a 2nd viewing to truly understand...The illusions and metaphors are multi layered...The male leads in both Fosse's and Fellini's films are studs in there own right... Caden not so much...Still like any good artist sex, the fear of death, and his physical aliments contribute to his neurosis...This is a deep film... A film theory professors wet dream... Alot of the film locations where shot right here in Williamsburg Brooklyn... I recognized even certain graffiti from the hood....I'll certainly be taking another look a Synecdoche, New York


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