Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Hangover

Todd Phillips delivers another laugh fest with The Hangover...It's a little ironic that I watched this film with a raging hangover...My wife was in L.A. for business on Thursday night so I went out big....Woke up on our downstairs couch fully clothed shoes still on...Luckily I still had all my teeth...Being a Self-indulgent party animal I totally could relate to or 3 main characters in Hangover...Waking up face down dehydrated as the Mojave that surrounds sin city...This tale of a bachelor party gone amok, some would say is a little far fetched...Well in my experience these things can happen...The morning after my bachelor party I woke up in a trunk of a car not much memory of the night before....At one of my best friends bachelor party's I got stuck with A 800 dollar limo bill that no one else chipped in for...Or just plain waking up with chipped teeth or new scars...Shit happens...The Hangover has lots of great Cameos by lots of ex Daily Show cast members,and Mike Tyson (who I went to Summer school with)...Heather Graham bares a breast you got to love Heather Graham.... All in all a funny flick

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