Saturday, March 6, 2010


Great Spanish director Pedro Almodovar directs and fantastic cast of women in this great film...Raimund (Penelope Cruz) and Soledad (Lola Duenas) are sisters born in La Mancha...A town ripe with superstition and small town drama...Blanca Portillo is their childhood neighbor who now has cancer...The beautiful Yohana Cobo plays Raimund's daughter Paula...Rounding out the Volver family is Carmen Maura returning not only from the dead but in an Almodovar film...Pedro's Color and art direction are still spot on...His actress hit all there marks they shared the best actress award at the 2006 Cannes...Cruz is gorgeous I really never liked her in American films but she won me over here as Almodovar new muse...Lots to spoil here so watch this great melodrama...

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