Sunday, March 28, 2010

Broken Embraces

Spoiler Alert
Broken Embraces is like Godard's Contempt Only backwards....In Contempt Bridget Bardot is in love with an artist who more or less throws her to the wolf and she ends up in a car crash with a sleazy producer...In Broken Embraces Penelope Cruz is with a a sleazy businessman turned producer ...Then falls in love with the artist..Only to be killed in a car crash which the sleazy producer causes...Maybe that's a stretch...Pedro Almodovar makes this film with in a film thriller as beautiful as all his films.... Penelope Cruz returns as his muse and proves (to this once skeptic) that she is one sexy international movie star...Almodovar is a film makers film maker and of course you can see influences from Hitchcock,Fellini,And of course Godard...This is smart and Sexy film right from the first scene...If you like that kind of stuff...


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