Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Bronson tells the the story of the "most violent prisoner in Britain" Michael Peterson....Imprisoned in 1974 for robbery Peterson quickly made a name for himself as a tad unruly... After a tour of Her Majesty's prison systems Peterson is declared criminally insane and put in the loony bin...14 years after imprisonment Michael is released...It's during this time he gives himself his fighting name Charlie Bronson Mr.Majestic...He's free 69 full days before he's back in prison...Bronson is played superbly by Tom Hardy who I last saw as Handsome Bob in Guy Ritchie's RockanRolla...Danish director Nicolas Winding Refen makes a movie Mr. Ritchie has been trying to make since Snatch... All working class crime with a brilliant soundtrack...Bronson is like a real life Alex from Burgees A Clockwork Orange fame, ultra violent, no hope for rehabilitation... Refen channels Lynch's Blue Velvet when Bronson meets up with his Uncle Jack...Uncle Jack dressed like Dean Stockwell's Ben surround by transvestites and cheap whores ...Candy coated clowns they call the sandman....Not to much female nudity in this male prison drama...Hardy's not afraid of full frontal male nudity in fight scenes...So if you liked Cronenberg's Eastern Promises this will get your panties wet... Great film