Monday, April 12, 2010

Bad Lieutentant :Port of call New Orleans

Spoiler Alert
What the fuck was Werner Herzog thinking when he claims to have never seen Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant...That's plane horseshit...Much like his Bad Lieutentant:Port of call New Orleans...I haven't seen Ferrara's Lieutenant since like 1993 but I remember it to be one of the most disturbing films ..It made me question human morality much like Henry A Portrait of a Serial Killer did ...Both those films made me feel dirty inside for watching them...So Herzog gets Mr. National Treasure (A Disney film) Nicholas Cage who hasn't done an intense roll that his character warrants since Leaving Las Vegas...He's way over the top not that Kietel wasn't in the original but I bought him as a real New York bad cop...I've met guys like that no shitting....Then Herzogs Lieutenant ends with Cages character Terence McDonaugh (Kietel's lieu remained nameless) not spiraling out of control but getting straight with his pregnant hooker girlfriend (Eva Mendez) and recovered alcholic family all drinking Pellegrino ...Lame ...We all Remember Kietel's Masturbation And full frontal drug induced dance scene from the original...Some of the most corrupted illusions ever filmed...This is where Herzogs full of shit... He has almost the same concept minus the dancing and the full frontal (Cage you wimp)..Instead of Masturbating on the 2 girls car... Cage steals drugs from a couple of club kids then fucks the guys girlfriend.... The scene is set up the same but way less disturbing...Herzog who has made some fucked up films with Klaus Kinski back in the day,but he panders to a diluted Hollywood vision here...Fairuza Balk does look pretty hot in her black bra and panties...


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