Friday, April 16, 2010

The Piano Teacher

Michael Haneke's The Piano Teacher is a unflinching look in to the mind of a sexually repressed middle aged women...Isabelle Huppert plays Ericka a a strict sadistic piano teacher who not only still lives with her mother but sleeps in the same room with her... Now in her forties Ericka acts upon her sexual desires in perverse ways like watching hardcore porn in sex shops( Which Haneke does not censor...KUDOS) or watching couples fucking at drive in movie theaters and self mutilating masturbation...When Walter a confident young buck(played by Benoit Magimel) becomes her student Ericka at first represses his advances ...Then she dominates him which he seems OK with...Yet when she wants him to dominate her that's another story ... Walter seems repulsed by her masochistic fantasy's...I once had a boss who would date this older unstable hottie who bar tended in Manhattan...She would always want him to hit her or she'd set up these simulated rape scenario's...None the less my boss didn't have the morality to satisfy her needs much like Walter...The Piano Teacher was released in 2002 And Both Huppert and Magimel won the acting awards at Cannes 2001... Haneke took home the Cannes Grand Prix award...Erika's insanity is intense to watch and it's not for the faint hearted...Hanke does not shy away from the brutality that has lead her to her fragile state of mind...This is as unhollywood as you can get...I'll never see Steven Shainbergs film Secretary the same way...That's the way Hollywood handles S&M...


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