Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hell Ride

Hell ride is a fun little exploitation flick Produced by Mr. Grind house himself Quentin Tarantino...Directed by Larry Bishop Hell Rides a spaghetti western on choppers...There are two rival biker gangs the Victors lead by Pistolero (Larry Bishop) and his two capos The Gent (Micheal Madsen) and Comanche ( Eric Balfour).... The 666ers are lead by the late David Carradine ( the Deuce) And his enforcer Billy Wings (Vinnie Jones)...Dennis Hopper has a homage cameo as Eddie Zero...In Hell Ride they talk About the 3 B's Bikes,Beer, and Booty well there all present with Blood And Boobies too boot...That's what exploitation is all about...Bishop delivers

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