Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Censorship one of the things I hate the most...Hypocrisy that's another...Intolerance yet a 3rd...And last but not least cooperate control...These are all really evil things to me as an artist and us as movie buffs...The M.P.A.A. is all of the above according to Kirby Dick's Independent film This Film Is Not Yet Rated...If you haven't seen this documentary yet... I think you should if your reading this blog or follow it in any way...The intolerance and hypocrisy over homosexuality was well documented by Kirby...Kirby also outs the M.P.A.A.'s ratings board like he outs hypocritical gay right wing politicians and pundits in his last documentary Outrage...Wait in till you find out who's on the appeals board for the M.P.A.A.....Great interviews with many respected film makers...The uncensored clips are great too...

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  1. Love this movie! I always tell my students to watch it.