Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin is a heavy handed C.G.I infected modern chop sockey film directed by James McTeigue...South Korean pop singer Rain portrays Raizo the rogue ninja assassin...The young orphaned Raizo's (very intensely played by Yoo Sungwoong) up bringing in the Ozunu ninja clan is torture because it's fierce martial arts training...You see ninjas are heartless killing machines and as much as Raizo tries to suppress his heart it still beats strong...Raizo eventually betrays the clan and is hunted by them through out the film..When the clan targets a beautiful europol agent Mika( Naomie Harris) for discovering their existence Raizo must protect her...Ninja Assassin is produced by the Wachowski Brothers so it has Matrix styled choreography...The C.G.I .blood splatter is constant...Beheading's, disembowelment's, you name it it gets chopped off or punctured in this film...The storyline is predictable and enough with the happy endings(and I don't mean hand jobs)... We've come a long way from Chuck Norris's The Octagon though...


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