Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Informant !

Steven Soderbergh is one busy man...His 2nd film released in 2009 when does he have time to think...Matt Damon plays Mark Whitacre a Bi-polar, compulsive lying whistle blower...Based on journalists Kurt Eichewald nonfiction book which tells the tale of the price fixing scandal that rocked the Archer Daniels Midland cooperation in the 90s... Soderbergh deals the greedy cooperate world of A.D.M. much like he dealt with P.G.E.'s greed in Erin Brockovich with humor...Damon is a favorite of Soderbergh's and steals the show by gaining a least 20 pounds and sporting some puffy hair and ridiculous ties...I shared a college sweet with a compulsive liar in the 90s man there was nothen funny about that...Still Damon makes Mark Whitacre a quirky and almost sympathetic character...It's good to see Scott Bacula as F.B.I. agent Brain Shepard and The Smother Brothers have fun little cameos...This movie though funny shows the ugly side of Capitalism and our Justice system...The white collar criminals steal millions of dollars and only get slaps on the wrists....Bastards


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