Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart won Jeff Bridges his 1st best actor Oscar playing Bad Blake an alcoholic Country western singer songwriter...Crazy Heart was written and directed by Scott Cooper...Based on the novel by Thomas Cobb... Bad Blake is loosely based on several country crooners like Waylon Jennings, Myrle Haggard,but Bridges seems to be channeling Kris Kristofferson... Now on the other side of over the hill Blake is down on his luck and playing dive bars and bowling alleys in the southwest...Of course the first scene is Bridges walking in the bowling alley which conjures up the Dude himself...While at his next gig in Santa Fe New Mexico Bad gets interviewed by a young journalist Jean the always stunning Maggie Gyllenhaal...There relationship turns romantic and will spark Bad to try to get his life back on track...The acting in this film deserved all its praise...Bridges is top notch...Gyllenhall,Robert Duvall, and Colin Farrell also deliver the goods...The story itself is a little predictable...My wife was in tears at the end of the film...I thought it was a happy ending...The way I figure I have at least another decade of really good drinking to do before I hit rock bottom... The soundtrack sounds awesome too....


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