Saturday, June 26, 2010


Gamer is another one of those sci/fi thrillers in witch a death row inmate can win their freedom if he or she completes a suicidal mission for the entertainment of the public...This time the game is a P.O.V. 3rd person shooter type video game where the prisoner is controlled by another gamer...Gerard Butler plays our hero Kable he is the most successful warrior on Slayers with only 3 more missions to win his freedom...Michael C. Hall of Dexter fame plays an all out villain in Gamer he's the inventor of Slayer and Society which is an interactive simm universe... Much like The Simms game Society is a bawdy place where you can create an alter ego, but in this movie they are actually controlling real people/actors...Kables wife is one of these actors and of course shes suffering at the hands of an obese pervert who puts her in tasteless situations...Will Kable win his Freedom and safe his wife and daughter??? I thought Gamer was fun for what it was...Running man meets Rollerball meets Deathrace...There isn't anything new to see here but I had fun seeing it...I blame Society see in that universe there's lots of sexy topless babes... Who's going to be the first to make a porno parody based on the Simms games...Who ever it is should get there art direction inspiration from Gamers Society

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