Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The vampire myth has become sort of a soap opera lately with your True Blood and Twilight Saga...Don't blame Anne Rice there is room in the mythos for these romantic bawdy adventures...The Spierig Brother's Daybreakers is a welcome departure from these humans in love with vampire tales...Staring Ethan Hawke as a vampire hematologist who is searching for a human blood substitute...It seems the world is running out of humans and therefore human blood...Sam Neill plays the corporate vampire bad guy who is farming the blood of what little humans are left... When the vampires are starving they turn from stylish night dwellers to large walking hairless vampire bats that will feed on other vampires which causes mutations...Hawkes vampire Edward runs into a band of surviving humans lead by Audrey (Claudia Karven) and Elvis (Willem Devoe)...They hold the key to human survival they seem to have a cure for the vampire virus... If only they can stay alive...Daybreakers is a cool night stalker tale with few errors...One glaring mistake though why rescue a band of humans at night when you have tactical advantages during the day???


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