Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Serious Man

I'd be lying if I told you I completely understood The Coen Brothers latest film The Serious Man...Understanding does not mean that I didn't like it...Just because I live in North Brooklyn on the South side of Williamsburg does not make me an expert on Jewish folklore...Does lighting an orthodox Jews cigarette on the Sabbath make me a goy or I'm I always a goy???Larry Gopnik(Michael Struhlberg) is The Serious Man...A professor of physics Larry seems to have it all...Then he has it all taken away, how old testament...His ideal suburban Minneapolis reality is a sham ...He has a faithful wife who wants a divorce so she can live with out sin with Sy Ableman( an excellent Fred Melamerd)...His daughter is stealing from him...His son is smoking the weed and stealing Larrys money from his sister...His Genius brother may be a pervert in 1960s Minnesota...He's being blackmailed by a student...His hot neighbor is tempting him on one side...While on the other side antisemitic gentiles are stealing his land...Larry Gopnick is fucked and that's just the 1/2 of it... There's no Hollywood ending here...The prolouge was really cool too...

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