Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Inglourious Basterds

Tarantino's WWII epic sat on my netflix queue forever..I was so excited when it finally came...Oh and it started out to be so good...The first scene we get to meet Christoph Waltz's(he deserved his best supporting actor Oscar) character S.S. Colonel Hans(The Jew Hunter) Landa...This scene has the scope and Beauty of a Leone spaghetti western...When that scene was over I felt that Quentin maybe on to something...The Kentuckian Lt. Aldo Raines played over the top by Brad Pitt is the Lee Marvin type leader of the Basterds...A rag tag commando unit made up of Jewish American soldiers there goal is to Kill Nazis and bring Pitt there scalps...What disappointed me about the basterds was all the little grind house tricks that Tarantino throws in like 70's Style text when introducing sadistic Nazi killer Sgt. Hogo Stiglitz..I could of done with out all the text...I didn't think we needed the Samuel Jackson voice over either ...I also thought the David Bowie song wasn't appropriate for the soundtrack...I usually love me a Tarantino soundtrack too....These are minor complaints..Someday Tarantino is going to make his big boy movie...He almost did with Basterds

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