Monday, June 7, 2010

Where the Wild Things are

Like the Fantastic Mr. Fox... Maurice Sendak children's classic comes to life on the big screen...Directed by one of this generations great film makers Spike Jonze...Like Wes Andersons "Fox" Jonze creates a really believable imagination land...The wild things are true to Sendaks drawings and you can see Spikes passion to stay true to the original material...Which unfortunately was never part of my childhood...Having never been read or have read the book I was shocked by the contemporary conflicts that Sendaks characters wrestled with...Divorce,Single partenting,A.D.D.... Written in 1963 these topics where still taboo or not diagnosed...My wife on the other hand was raised on this story and rushed out to see it in the theaters...She still wants to build forts and sleep in piles...At our last Halloween party a really cute 20somethingish girl dressed as Max crashed...True to the character she followed her own path a true explorer...We banished her from our party island of wild things...Maybe we should of slept in a pile...


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