Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Smash Cut

I wish I could say Smash Cut was so bad it was good...I would like to say Herschell Gordon Lewis is rolling over in his grave, but he's not dead yet...I would like to say at least Sasha Grey is butt naked through out this guilty pleasure...I wish I could say splatter legends David Hess and Micheal Berrymen where used to the best of their ability...I can't say none of that... Canadian film maker Lee Demarbre tries to homage the films of Herchell Gordon Lewis in this horror comedy...Herschell has a cameo in the film...What makes Blood Feast and Gore Gore Girls cult classics was when they were made... Filmed on shoestring budgets the special effects where shitty and unrealistic plus unrecognizable bad actors...I haven't seen the new Wizard of Gore yet... I'm curious how that compares to the original...I'm just going to throw this out there what if Toe Tag Pictures made a Herschell Gordon Lewis remake how scary would that be...When Traci Lords crossed over to mainstream films in Not of this Earth at least she did a few nude scenes... Don't worry Sasha I still love you...


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